It is a recurring phenomenon at Roland-Garros: the tickets are sold out months in advance, but much of the stands remain empty during the semi-finals.

When Casper Ruud and Alexander Zverev faced each other on the Court Philippe Chatrier on Friday, many internet users were furious. "Every year the same picture. The only Grand Slam where you see the stands empty for the semi-finals...," according to a post on social networks. Yet fans could not buy a single ticket, despite the empty seats.

The most empty seats could be found in the VIP stands and in the most expensive seats in the lower part of the stands. Places reserved for guests who never showed up. 

French tennis star Alizé Cornet commented: "I just want to mention a small point that is close to my heart: seeing these half-empty stands makes me very sad. We know how difficult it is to get a ticket for a men's semi-final at Roland Garros. To see such stands at 9.30pm is a bit sad for the tournament and for tennis fans. All other grand slam tournaments are a big party and at that time the stands are packed and people are super excited to be there, so it's a bit sad."

(PP with AsD/Source: Le Soir/Illustration picture: Unsplash)

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