I did the math so you don't have to. At 30-36 through their first 66 games of the season, I think it is fair to say that the Houston Astros won't be making a return trip to the ALCS. Of course, they still have time on their side, but are no longer managed by future hall of fame skipper Dusty Baker. It has gone to hell in a handbasket for Joe Espada faster than you can say Craig Biggio. But what about his son?

Yes, the Hall of Fame second baseman of Astros fame could have the distinct pleasure of having his son play for the team he is best associated with. Cavan Biggio was recently designated for assignment after spending his entire playing career with the Toronto Blue Jays. Although not as good as other Blue Jays MLB legacy teammates Bo Bichette and Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Biggio still has some value.

The biggest thing he could provide a team like Houston is defensive versatility and a breath of fresh air to a team where it has gotten so stale. Biggio obviously grew up rooting so hard for this team. Pushing 30, Biggio understands the importance of what Astros baseball means in Houston. He may not be able to change the temperature of the room, but what do the Astros have to lose at this point?

Honestly, the Astros pursuing Biggio in the coming days is not the craziest idea in the world either.

Cavan Biggio now has an opportunity to play for the Houston Astros

Do I think Biggio potentially going to play for his dad's team is going to change the trajectory of his career or the state of this sad bag of crap Astros team? Not really, but I am in the interesting business. I am kind of done with baseball for the time being, as my Atlanta Braves continue to be the most frustrating watch in my life right now. It is like I am watching the Atlanta Falcons play nine innings...

Overall, this would be a fun story and not much more than that. However, a change of scenery could be huge for Biggio. He may be playing in his native country and in his hometown, but for as good as that sounds, his last name carries a ton of weight in H-Town because of his father. With Father's Day coming up, I would love nothing more than for Houston to land Biggio and he walks off on Sunday.

What this really boils down for me is weren't the Astros and Blue Jays expected to contend in the American League this year? Houston was always going to regress upon Baker's retirement, but who saw this complete and utter collapse coming? As for Toronto, the roster that has been constructed up there north of the border seems to have had a very low ceiling, one that is past its expiration date.

If Craig Biggio can build a hall of fame career in Houston, the Cavan Biggio can reinvent himself there.

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