There may not be a team with as much talent as the New York Yankees this season. They're loaded, nearly from top to bottom, with the best two players in the American League and the reigning AL Cy Young returning from the injured list in the near future.

But New York has fallen short of their World Series pursuit year in and year out. There's no doubt that the front office will leave no stone unturned at the trade deadline as they look to build the perfect juggernaut of a team to lead them to their first World Series in 15 years.

Potentially their biggest hole on offense is at catcher, where the time is split between Austin Wells, 66 OPS+, and Jose Trevino, 95 OPS+. They could look for a trade with the Colorado Rockies in an attempt to fill this hole with Colorado's best player: Elias Diaz.

A Yankees-Rockies trade that gives New York the most complete lineup in baseball

Diaz is currently slashing .305/.353/.442, good for an OPS+ of 118. More importantly, his home and away splits are very similar. This is crucial for a Rockie, as it's much easier to hit for power in Colorado compared to anywhere else.

New York has the ability to make a move for Diaz, who's currently on an expiring deal. Their front office is also aggressive enough to make it happen. The Yankees could be getting even better here soon.

The Yankees could acquire Diaz, with the chance to extend him if they opt to try, for two of their top 30 pitching prospects.

Will Warren, the Yankees' No. 7 prospect is an MLB ready arm, arsenal wise. His production in 2024 hasn't matched the potential that is there for him though. His ability to command the strike zone with his polished arsenal will likely lead to better performance in the future, making him a valuable asset for the Rockies to have in this trade.

Messinger, 24, has improved his command tremendously, making him a real threat to fly up prospect rankings. He has previously been limited because of his high BB/9 rate, but with that improved this year, he's dominated Double-A. If he's in and around the zone, he would be a huge addition for the Rockies.

But for the Yankees, this deal is a win now move. New York would have the most complete lineup in the big leagues if they can get this kind of production out of their backstop. Diaz would be a huge addition that may help lock the Yankees atop of the American League this season. It's World Series or bust for the Bronx Bombers and this move pushes them in the right direction.

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