The Cincinnati Reds are set to have a few roster moves in the next few weeks, given the imminent returns of Christian Encarnacion-Strand and Noelvi Marte. Their roster is bound to be shaken up with these two returning from the injured list and a suspension, respectively. But that may not be the only roster move that Cincinnati makes in the next few weeks.

The Reds need a reliable right-handed outfielder to use as a rotational piece in David Bell's platoon lineups. Bell is a huge fan of platoon splitting his lineups, opting to use as many right-handed hitters as possible when faced with a left-handed starter.

They could look to a cheap trade with the Mets to reunite with Harrison Bader, a player who played 14 games with Cincinnati last year but struggled mightily.

A cheap Reds-Mets trade to fill a hole in the Reds outfield as a platoon option

This season, Bader holds reverse splits, hitting right-handers a bit better than lefties, but the sample size is too small to make an accurate judgment. Over the course of his career, Bader has an OPS .130 points higher against lefties compared to righties, leaving him as a solid option as an everyday outfielder against southpaws.

In this trade, the Mets are sending Harrison Bader over to the Reds, while also eating a good chunk of his remaining contract. The Reds are sending back their 14th-ranked prospect, Lyon Richardson in the deal.

Richardson is a high-ceiling prospect for Cincinnati, one with an electric arsenal that showcases some truly "swing and miss" stuff. His command has always been spotty, including in his short time in the big leagues, but that's seemingly his only big flaw. He's able to throw two different breaking balls and he has an electric, mid-high 90's fastball to pair with them.

But Richardson doesn't have a clear path back to the big leagues with the Reds. Cincinnati has a young, controllable rotation, as well as some top prospects that will receive the nod before Richardson does.

The Mets will be losing Bader at the season anyway and they have the money to eat a good chunk of his remaining contract. They would be taking a long-shot risk on Richardson, but if they have a fix to his command woes, they could grab themselves a true backend of the rotation starter in this deal.

The trade is low risk for both sides. It probably won't be the deal that wins the Reds the World Series, but Cincinnati needs to begin packaging deals together to put themselves in a postseason position.

Imagine the outfield defense in Cincinnati that includes TJ Friedl, Stuart Fairchild and Harrison Bader. Spencer Steer could slot in the DH and Cincinnati could trot out a lineup with eight righties in it whenever they're opposed by a lefty.

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