The Los Angeles Dodgers are absolutely loaded. They have, probably, the best two players in the entire National League, Shohei Ohtani and Mookie Betts, as well as a loaded pitching staff.

Their bullpen features a ton of reliable, late innings arms and they've been one of the best teams in baseball because of it. But with how much money has been invested in this team, it's almost disappointing that they're not the top team in baseball.

They could look to continue their spending spree in the trade market, where they may look to add a bat in their outfield. With James Outman struggling, the Dodgers could look to the Boston Red Sox in a trade to take outfielder Tyler O'Neill off their hands.

A Dodgers-Red Sox trade that fills a hole in the Los Angeles outfield

O'Neill, a free agent at the end of the season, is currently slashing .250/.354/.500 with 11 homers and an OPS+ of 137. He's always going to be a reliable defender in the outfield and this OPS makes him a valuable option in the rental trade market.

The Dodgers need this outfield asset as much as anybody in the league.

The Dodgers have the ability to get this trade done in a one for one deal if they're willing to send their 12th-ranked prospect, Landon Knack, across the country to Boston.

Knack, 26, is a bit on the older side of being a prospect, but he won't be a prospect for much longer. He's beyond ready for the big leagues. His fastball, changeup and slider are all plus pitches, which he pairs with plus command.

In his 20.2 innings in the big leagues, he's been very competitive, posting a 2.61 ERA and a 0.97 WHIP. He's ready to stick in the bigs, but he has a bit of a logjam in front of him in Los Angeles.

Luckily, in this deal, he could be moved to Boston if they wanted to rebuild their team a bit, and he could find himself comfortably at the backend of their rotation right now. Knack would be quite valued by the Red Sox as they begin reloading their roster a bit.

Tyler O'Neill likely doesn't hold much value to the Red Sox because he'll more than likely leave at the end of the season. It would be a surprise if the Red Sox were able to compete for a World Series with the state of their roster, so trading the outfielder makes sense.

The Dodgers would get the instant upgrade in the outfield that they desperately need. O'Neill could be the start of a bunch of moves that they make in order to chase the Phillies down for the one seed in the National League.

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